Seafood for Tomorrow

Unsustainable fishing (overfishing, destructive fishing, illegal and unregulated fishing) and poor aquaculture practices have severely impacted many of our most popular seafood choices. Global fish stocks are exploited or depleted to such an extent that without urgent measures we may be the last generation to catch food from the oceans.

In the last 40 years, fishery resources in Malaysian waters had declined by 92%. In other words, fishermen have to work ten times harder to catch the same amount of fish! With responsible consumption, depleted fish stocks are allowed to recover and we will see higher and more stable commercial fish landings over time, ensuring that the fresh, local seafood we love will be on our plates for years to come.

Your choice of seafood today will determine the future of our fish stocks and the health of our oceans and its marine life. Use your power as a consumer to determine the future of our marine environment and download the guide now.

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Our fish stocks continue to deteriorate and are in danger of collapsing. Our oceans will soon be unable to sustain our growing appetite for seafood.

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