How WWF-Malaysia Helps

“WWF-Malaysia’s Marine Programme strategy for sustainable fisheries and seafood strives to stop the decline of our marine resources through improving fisheries and seafood management to sustain our oceans, seafood and people.”

Since 2010, we aim to initiate change in the local seafood industry by bringing everyone together through collaborative efforts with government agencies, businesses and the public to play our roles in restoring the oceans through sustainable fisheries and seafood, as well as responsible seafood consumption.

Our goal is to continuously strengthen the sustainable seafood movement in the local seafood industry where everyone throughout the supply chain can take part to drive the transformation of the local seafood market towards becoming more sustainable.



We work with the government to complement their initiatives, contribute towards our international and national commitments, and seek opportunities to collaborate in conserving, enhancing, and managing our marine resources.

Producers & suppliers

We work with fishermen, fishing communities, aquaculture operators, and seafood suppliers to improve management and sustainability in producing and supplying seafood.


We work with businesses such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, and supermarkets to improve their seafood sourcing and encourage them to offer sustainable seafood in their menus and shelves.


We engage with the public by educating and inspiring people to make sustainable choices when purchasing and eating seafood.