Malaysia’s Commitment

“The Malaysian Government has initiated several national and international commitments to improve fisheries, dependant livelihoods, and ocean conservation. This includes areas related to sustainable fisheries (agriculture), protection of marine ecosystems, food security, and livelihood development of coastal communities and fishermen.”

Below is a summary of their efforts:

International Commitments

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

1. SDG 2:Zero Hunger:End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.
2. SDG 14:Life Below Water:Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

1. Environmental Chapter  :Sustainable Fisheries  -Nations may use measures to prevent trade in fish products that result from illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

National Commitments

1.National Policy on Biological Diversity 2016-2025

Goal 2:We have significantly reduced the direct and indirect pressures on biodiversity.
Target 3:By 2025, biodiversity conservation has been mainstreamed into national development planning and sectoral policies and plans.
Target 4:By 2025, our production forests, agriculture production and fisheries are managed and harvested sustainably.
Goal 3:We have safeguarded all our key ecosystems, species and genetic diversity.
Target 6:By 2025, at least 20% of terrestrial areas and inland waters, and 10% of coastal and marine areas, are conserved through a representative system of protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures.
Target 7:By 2025, vulnerable ecosystems and habitats, particularly limestone hills, wetlands, coral reefs and seagrass beds, are adequately protected and restored.
Target 10:By 2025, poaching, illegal harvesting and illegal trade of wildlife, fish and plants are under control and significantly reduced.
Goal 5:We have improved the capacity, knowledge and skills of all stakeholders to conserve biodiversity.
Target 15:By 2025, capacity for the implementation of the national and subnational biodiversity strategies, the CBD and other related MEAs has significantly increased.
Target 16:By 2025, knowledge and the science base relating to biodiversity, its values, functioning, status and trends, and the consequences of its loss, are significantly improved and applied.

2.11th Malaysia Plan

Chapter 3:Enhancing inclusiveness towards an equitable society
Strategy A1:Raising the income and wealth of B40 households by enlarging the middle-class society, reducing school dropouts, enhancing accessibility to higher education and skills training, increasing productivity through adoption of modern technology enhancing adoption of information and communications technology, enhancing integrated entrepreneurship support, developing community and social-based enterprises, incentivising investment in majority B40 households areas, and increasing wealth ownership through investment programmes.

3.Dasar Agromakanan Negara (National Agrifood Policy) 2011-2020

Bab 2:Membangunkan industri agromakanan berasaskan kelebihan kompetitif.
Hala Tuju Strategik I:Menjamin Bekalan Makanan Negara.
Hala Tuju Strategik II:Meningkatkan Sumbangan Industri Agromakanan.
Hala Tuju Strategik III:Melengkapkan Rantaian Nilai.
Hala Tuju Strategik IV:Memperkasa Modal Insan.
Hala Tuju Strategik VI:Mewujudkan Persekitaran Perniagaan yang Diterajui Sektor Swasta.
Hala Tuju Strategik VII:Memperkukuh Sistem Penyampaian Perkhidmatan.
Bab 4:Memodenkan dan mentransformasi industri perikanan tangkapan secara mampan.
Strategi Industri Perikanan Tangkapan, 2011-2020:Membangunkan industri perikanan tangkapan secara cekap dan mampan, memperkukuh infrastruktur industri perikanan tangkapan, menyusun semula aktiviti perikanan pantai, membangunkan sumber manusia perikanan laut dalam, dan menyelaras semula fungsi Jabatan Perikanan dan Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia.
Bab 8:Meningkatkan sumbangan industri asas tani makanan.
Strategi Industri Asas Tani Makanan, 2011-2020:Membangunkan kluster IAT berasaskan makanan, meningkatkan kualiti dan keselamatan makanan, menambah baik sistem penyampaian perkhidmatan dan sokongan.
Bab 9:Mempromosikan produk agropelancongan.
Strategi Industri Agropelancongan, 2011-2020:Mempelbagai produk agropelancongan.


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