Where To Source

Responsible Business Practices for Seafood

WWF-Malaysia encourages local businesses to improve their seafood sourcing through:

Usage of Green-listed species from the S.O.S Guide
Local and regional Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified companies to support sustainable seafood efforts.
WWF-Malaysia’s Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs) and Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to support seafood improvement initiatives from local producers in transition towards ASC and MSC certification.
Download our Responsible Seafood Purchasing Guide to learn more about responsible seafood procurement and practices.

Sourcing MSC and ASC Certified Seafood

As of 2017, there is a total of one ASC certified farm in Malaysia – Trapia Sdn Bhd. Based in Perak, the farm produces about 7,000 metric tonnes of ASC certified tilapia.

There are also six companies that are certified under the MSC Chain of Custody certification (COC), which means that they are allowed to process and sell ASC or MSC certified products. This is a significant increase from only two companies back in 2010 when WWF-Malaysia first started the sustainable seafood initiative.

Below are the local companies who have acquired MSC CoC certification:

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Company MSC ASC Location Contact/Website
Dragon Taste Seafood Wholesale & Retail Sdn. Bhd. Lobster (American), Oyster (European Flat) Giant Tiger Prawn, Greenlip Abalone, Whiteleg Shrimp Selangor www.marineacg.com/acg-subsidiaries/dragon-taste-seafood-wholesale-retail/
Golden Fresh Cod (Atlantic), Cod (Pacific), Haddock, Hake (Cape), Hoki, Pollock (Walleye), Prawn (Banana), Prawn (Blue Endeavour), Prawn (Brown Tiger), Prawn (Grooved Tiger), Prawn (Indian White), Prawn (Red Endeavour), Scallop (Atlantic), Sole (Southern Rock), Sole (Yellowfin), Whiting (Southern Blue) Giant Tiger Prawn, Tilapia (Nile), Whiteleg Shrimp Penang +604-3333388 (ext 339) www.fresh.com.my/
Loo’s Trading Sdn. Bhd. Clam (Lyrate Hard), Salmon (Pink), Tuna (Albacore) Giant Tiger Prawn, Tilapia (Nile), Whiteleg Shrimp Kuala Lumpur +603-62770001
MacFood Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. Pollock (Walleye) N/A Selangor +603-56330222
Pacific West Foods (M) Sdn. Bhd. Cod (Pacific), Pollock (Walleye) Tilapia (Nile) Kuala Lumpur www.pacificwestfoods.com.my
Trapia Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. N/A Tilapia (Nile) - Live, Frozen and Fillet Perak www.trapia.com.my/
Widegrowth Marine Products Sdn. Bhd. Prawn (Banana), Prawn (Blue Endeavour), Prawn (Indian White), Tuna (Yellowfin) Whiteleg Shrimp Sandakan widegrowth.com

Source: MSC, ASC, and company main websites (updated January 2018)

Sourcing from Seafood Improvement Projects

As of 2018, WWF-Malaysia has initiated four Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIP) and is developing two Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP). There are currently two companies who have achieved assessment standards that qualify them to supply seafood marketed under the Improvement Projects:

Company Name Project Year of Project Establishment Project Location Species Website
Goh Siong Tee (GST) Group Sdn. Bhd. AIP 2015 Pulau Jerejak, Penang Sabah Grouper, Giant Grouper, John’s Snapper, Red Snapper, Asian Seabass, Snubnose Pompano www.gstgroup.com.my
Aquaceria Group Sdn. Bhd. AIP 2016 Pulau Ketam, Selangor King Grouper, Red Snapper, Snubnose Pompano, Asian Seabass, Golden Snapper www.marineacg.com/acg-subsidiaries/aqua-ceria/

Click here to find out more about our work on AIP and FIP. You can also download our Responsible Seafood Purchasing Guide for more information on the above suppliers.

If you are interested to source from our improvement projects or have any inquiries, please email Ms. Amierah Amer, Sustainable Seafood Officer at aamer@wwf.org.my