Changing the Perception of Seafood Consumption

~ In conjunction with World Ocean Day, 8 June ~ Petaling Jaya: A blind taste test done by WWF-Malaysia recently shows that 77.9% of the respondents have the perception that the texture of wild caught fish is better than farmed fish but 71% of them found farmed fish to be acceptable after the test.

Saving Our Seafood

MALAYSIANS are the biggest seafood consumer in Southeast Asia with one person consuming an average of 50.4kg of seafood a year! But due to overfishing, our oceans will soon be unable to sustain our growing appetite for seafood. Scientists predict that by 2048 there’ll be no more seafood left if we don’t eat responsibly.

‘Ocean Redemption’ Game Supports Sustainable Seafood Movement

Petaling Jaya – The game ‘Ocean Redemption’ is now available for free on GooglePlay, and has gained popularity for sharing the crucial message of sustainable seafood at the same time as providing entertainment for its players. In collaboration with WWF-Malaysia, and with the guidance of their lecturer Robina Tinawin, INTI International College Subang students Pong Vee… Continue reading “‘Ocean Redemption’ Game Supports Sustainable Seafood Movement”