Shark Conservation

“In 2016, WWF-Malaysia launched the ‘My Fin My Life’ (MFML) campaign with NGO partners to reduce trade and consumption of shark fin and products in Malaysia. The MFML campaign had garnered nationwide attention on the issue of shark finning and shark fin soup consumption.”

To know more on the MFML post-campaign results and next step forward, read our press release HERE

It is important for this advocacy to continue in order to phase out the consumption of shark fin and products in Malaysia. WWF-Malaysia believes that shark conservation is a long-term initiative and we need to continue our efforts and work with partners for a period of time before we could reverse the situation and see significant results. Therefore, we have initiated these two projects:

Be A Shark Hero (BASH)

A project by WWF-Malaysia and Shark Savers Malaysia. This project is a sequel of My Fin My Life (MFML) campaign in 2016, which will continue its advocacy on shark conservation through education and empowerment action plan.

Learn more on how to BASH HERE.

Wedding Without Fins

A project in a continuation of MFML campaign whereby the fight to save sharks will engage wedding planners to persuade soon-to-be-wed couples to opt for fin-free wedding banquets.

Learn more on how to be a shark champion on your big day HERE.