Your Choices Matter

“Many of the seafood we enjoy are in trouble due to overfishing, destructive fishing, and poor farming practices. By 2048, scientists predicted that there will be no seafood left if we do not buy or eat seafood responsibly. So choose seafood that is caught or farmed in ways that support a healthy ocean – for current and future generations.”

Check Your Seafood

Check the sustainability status of your seafood here:


Alternatively, you can also download an overview version of the S.O.S Guide HERE

What is the ‘Save Our Seafood’ (S.O.S) Guide?

The ‘Save Our Seafood’ Guide 3.0 is an updated Guide that provides information on the sustainability status of common seafood enjoyed by Malaysians. Our recommendations help you choose seafood that have less impact on the environment and people.

How to use the S.O.S Guide?

To help you make the right choice, this guide divides seafood species into three categories (recommended, think twice and avoid) based on their sustainability assessment according to WWF international standards.


From well-managed, sustainable stocks that are not overexploited. The preferred choice for consumption.


From fisheries that are at risk of becoming unsustainable. Only eat them occasionally, if recommended options are not available.


From unsustainable and overfished fisheries. Avoid eating these species for now.

What Do the Seafood Eco-Labels Mean?


MSC: Fisheries certified as sustainable by the Marine Stweardship Council (MSC). Seafood with the MSC logo means that they are caught by responsible fisheries that met MSC’s strict environmental and social standard.

Logo ASC landscape

ASC: Aquaculture farms certified as sustainable by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). Seafood with the ASC logo is certified as being responsibly farmed in compliance with ASC’s strict environmental and social standards.