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Where can I buy sustainable seafood?

WWF-Malaysia encourages the public to get involved in the cause as responsible seafood consumers by purchasing MSC and ASC certified seafood. When consumers buy certified seafood, they are creating positive change by giving incentive for more fisheries, aquaculture farms, retailers, hotels, and restaurants to provide certified sustainable seafood.

Consumers can have a peace of mind that their purchasing choices are indirectly but surely contributing to sustainable oceans and restoring aquatic habitats, while supporting livelihoods and social welfares of fishermen and farmers.

Below are some of the common brands with the MSC and ASC eco-labels sold by Malaysian retailers:

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Brand Type MSC/ASC Range Where to buy Good to know
Pacific West Frozen Frosty, Cornflake, Oatmeal Fish Fillet Range; Popcorn Fish AEON, Giant, Sam’s Groceria, Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Cold Storage
  • The only value-added seafood processor & supplier in Malaysia who offers a range of MSC certified products.
IKEA Frozen, Chilled Salmon (Fillet & Paste), Shrimp, Herring All IKEA Malaysia stores
  • Has global commitment on offering only MSC & ASC certified seafood in their restaurants & food stores.
  • Biggest food service provider of certified seafood worldwide that offers the largest variety of certified seafood globally.
John West Canned Selected Tuna, Sardine & Salmon Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer
  • Has global commitment to 100% sustainable tuna.
  • First European seafood company to introduce full traceability along their supply chain through the John West can tracker.
Waitrose Canned, Frozen Selected Canned Tuna & Salmon, Frozen Pollock & Cod Cold Storage, Village Grocer
  • Has worked to a responsible seafood sourcing strategy for more than 15 years and its suppliers must only source fish from fisheries or farmed aquaculture operations that are responsibly managed.
  • All cod and haddock products are MSC certified.
BIRDS EYE Frozen Selected Hoki Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Cold Storage
  • All of their wild caught fish is responsibly sourced with full traceability to the point of capture.
  • Helped rejuvenate depleting cod stock in 2007 with the launch of their Alaskan Pollock Omega 3 Fish Finger, which encouraged 78% of UK consumers to switch from cod to Alaskan pollock and reduced their annual cod catch by 1.5 million fishes.
RugenFisch Canned Selected Herring & Cod Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Cold Storage
  • All of their herring fillet products use fish which comes from an MSC certified fishery.
Deepblue Canned Selected Herring Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer
  • All types of Deepblue fish are caught in a responsible and sustainable manner, processed and packaged by certified manufacturers.
  • The time between catching and canning is kept short to no more than 16 hours to preserve the nutritional value and taste of the fish.
Connétable Canned Selected Sardines & Cod Village Grocer, Cold Storage
  • Connétable launched its first MSC labelled range in 2008.
  • The first player in the French market to offer a range of canned fish with the MSC eco-label.

Disclaimer: Products are subjected to availability in selected locations of the recommended retail outlets.